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Crystals and Stones 

Angelite ~ A excellent balancing stone, polarizing

 and aligning the physical body with the ethereal

 network. Provides a protective field  in it'


As an elixir, tends to install a shield of protection 

around the physical body.

Sweet Angelic energy.  Dispels anger. A 'stone of raising the state of conscious 


ASTROPHYLLITE ~ Infuses your entire 

system with light.  Transformation to assist you to 

recognize your purpose for being here as it illuminates

 your true self.  Love yourself. come to terms with what

 may be difficult to accept. For moving forward 

quickly on your life journey.  Psychic protection, astral

 travel with safety. 3rd eye chakra, crown chakra and

 soul star chakra.  Encompasses the energy of the highest vibration to the lowest and will

 energize each of the chakras, as specifically required by that chakra.  This is in

 alignment with the souls purpose, so is sage for anyone to use. 

LEPIDOLITE ~ Is a yummy purple stone! 


Throat Chakra, Heart Chakra, 3RD Eye Chakra and 


Opens Crown Chakra allowing for the flowering of the

 inner blue lotus. 

Lepidolite contains Lithium which is a very calming

 and relaxing mineral  Stress reduction and alleviate despondency It also contains Mica

 which is good for mental clarity.. 


" Stone of Transition".

Nuumit ( Numb-it) ~ The oldest living 

mineral. Open

 and activate chakras. Earth and etheral grounding.

 Remove energy blockages. Excellent energy source of

 an electro-magnetic energy field, provides for transfer

 of energy from the etheric body to the physical. Fills

 the 'voids' and removes the 'muddy'  areas of auric 

field. Used to fill and heal openings which remain after removal of undesired implanted 

thought forms originating from other worlds. 

Selenite ~ Has a very high vibration. Angelic 

positive vibration. 

Selenite is one of a few stones that never needs

 cleansing, but rather cleanses negative vibrations 

from items around it. 

Shungite ~ Shielding, grounding,protective.

 Clears all chakras. Only known natural stone 

to contain anti-oxidants called 'fullerenes'. 

Infuses aura w/ light and allows only positive

 and beneficial energy to reach you.   Base and 

earth star chakras. 

~ Purifies water

~ Re- energize in sunlight. 

Green Kyanite Shard/blade ~ Works with

 the heart chakra and aligns all chakras automatically

 and immediately with no conscious direction.  Facilitates


Orange Kyanite shard/blade~ Works

 with the sacral chakra. Will not accumulate or 

retain negative energy or vibrations and so needs no 

clearing.  Aligns all chakras automatically and 

immediately w/ no conscious direction.  Facilitates 


Labradorite ~ For the aura,k it protects, keeps clear, 

balances and helps keep you free of energy leaks. 

Clarity of chosen destiny. Symbolizes the moon.

You will receive one chosen by me. It will be no 

smaller than 1". 

The Idaho Star Garnet ~ 

Seen here, it is a rich deep super 

dark purple and when placed over 

a light, yu can see and appreciate 

the rich purple color much more.

The 'Star" of the garnet is formed by small inclusions of 

rutile crystals and plays a big part in the stones healing 

work.   It is valued for it's healing abilities, strength, 

protection. It helps with inflammation of the skin, helps 

regulate heart and blood flow and helps with curing 


It is also exchanged as gifts between friends to demonstrate

 their affection for each other and to ensure that they meet


The price range for my limited stock is 

from $8 for the smallest at 1/4 inch and 

up to $25 for the largest at 1/2 inch.  

Shipping is always included! 

Just tell me the price you want to spend between $8, $13,

 $18  and $23

 and I will choose and send you one of these wonderful 


$8 Idaho Star Garnet

$13 Idaho Star Garnet

$18 Idaho Star Garnet

$23 1/2 inch Idaho Star Garnet