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Custom Magickal Oils ~

My Custom Magickal Oils are filled with pure intention for

the full potency of each oils purpose. They are then charged

by the  moon light & sun light for a full moon cycle in corked

 glass bottles and sealed with wax for protection and


Only the purest of intentions by me, as a Priestess, 

through love and light,  are set

 forth in the charging of

these oils.

So what does this mean for you?  
Simply put, this means that you are utilizing my spiritual

authority, integrity, connection and experience as one who

manifests spiritual energy through a foundation of love and

  to properly manifest and charge these oils for the exact

 magickal intention that they are created for.

I am here for you!  

Crystal Blessings ~ Cynthia

* At approximately 1/8 Oz. bottles, pictures do not depict the exact bottle that you will receive

your oil in....But your going to love it! 


My Exorcism/Banishing 

Anointing Oil is a custom

 blend that is sure to rid your 


of troublesome entities.

* Often purchased with smudge


My Rue Oil is a custom blend

 oil to clear your Aura of 

blockages that keep you from

 attaining the success and good

 health you seek.

* Often purchased w/smudge

Sugilite Oil

My Sugilite Oil is a 

combination of 

Sugilite and Clear Quartz. 

Sugilite is the 'Love Stone of 

this Age" 

and as such is perfect for 

any healing


Clear Quartz, Sugilite, Selenite, 

Kunzite, Petalite, Danburite, Lepidolite, Rose Quartz & 

Lavender ! PHEW!

*Usually purchased with Smudge.

The 'ULTIMATE' Love and 

Healing Oil  ! ! !

My 'ULTIMATE' Oil is packed full of powerful amazing 

stones of love and healing energy! 

Use in any ritual or service where deep complete healing is


Clear Quartz, Sugilite, Selenite, Kunzite, Petalite, Danburite, 

Lepidolite, Rose Quartz & Lavender ! PHEW!

*Usually purchased with Smudge.

Phlogopite Oil !

In my opinion~ The 

Perfect Witches 



Weather you are 

intentionally calling on the 4 corners or your intentions are 

for true enlightenment, protection or healing, this Magickal 

Oil  of Phlogopite ( and Quartz for good measure ) is 

charged for the

 creating of the most sacred space!!!

* Usually purchased with smudge.

Sooooo, Cynthia, I have a Question ~  I have never heard of 

this. What is Phlogopite


I am so glad you asked!   :)

Phlogopite  is in the Mica

 group and Biotite subgroup, plus it's own distinctive 


This oil is especially useful if you are a healer or if you work

 ritual energy as a shaman, witch, Druid, any Earth based

 belief system/religion, etc. 

Useful to bring energy from the 4 directions, Mother Earth 

and Father Sky, to speed evolution, remove spiritual blocks,


Is said to relieve mental anguish, beneficial for back pain,

 muscle relaxation, strengthen bones and 

teeth and gum integrity,  mononucleosis symptoms.

 Ambergris Oil Plays upon the nature of 

subconscious, and is greatly

 useful by itself, or in spells and rituals that work with

 those senses. Use it to enhance and direct psychic 

ability, or in rituals and spells rooted in psychic 

ventures, helping to bring the subconscious to the 

attention of the conscious.  Also use it in rituals and

 spells involving dreams, whether you are seeking to 

direct their path or simply as an aid to better divine their meaning. This is a 1 ounce 

bottle of pure anointing oil, blended with natural oil bases such as almond oil, for 

external use only.
Vetivert Essential Oil in 2 Dram 

Bottle ~

 Unhexing, Money, Peace,

 Love. Pure essential Oil.

 For external use only.