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~Personalized Courses~

Welcome to your personalized beginners course ~ 

" I want to be 1 with creation "  

First off ~ Who is this course for?

Answer ~ If you know you have gifts and abilities and you

 want to

 develop them with guidance that is trusted and safe,

 then this course is for you!

In this course, the most important thing you will learn is how to create personal sacred 


of protection, peace and truth and how vitally important that is! 

From this place of personal sacred space, you will learn:

~how to feel nature.

~how to hear nature.

~how to communicate with nature.

Each students course is individually modified to each particular students needs. 

I will be available for individual tutoring as well as group discussions when available. 



For this course, you will need ~

1~ Hand Sanitizer ( because you will be out in nature. Even if you live in a crowded city,

 you will

 find nature. Trust me! )

2~ A pen ( of your favorite color and texture, ie; gel, glitter, whatever. As long as you can

 read it,

 it will work. Just make it happy! )

3~ A pencil.  I suggest a packet of colored pencils so you can sketch if you wish and a 


 pencil for notes and sketching.

4~ A blank or lined notepad for notes and sketching


5~ Scotch tape ( or glue (glitter) if you prefer but glue will wet paper and could destroy

 some of

 your notebook. ) to add bits of nature to your notebook/pages for scrap-booking.

6~ A comfortable and quiet place to study and meditate and perform personal rituals


 prepare your homework assignments that you will be sending to me for evaluation.  

YES! There is homework. :)


7~ A computer to send your completed assignments and to receive your assignments


 ( Libraries are a good source for online access if you don't have a personal computer. )

8~ A comfortable blanket and or pillow to rest on in nature.

9~ Drinking water in a drinking container and cookies, bread, fruit, cheese or vegetables

( Something )  for a

 *tiny snack to ground you after doing energy work. Trust me!

10~ Sea Salt  and /or sage wand for smudging to clear space.

'I want to be one with Creation' is a 4 week course.  

The assignments that you will receive will require between 1-2 hours of your time each

 day for

 about a week.  Because we all have lives with jobs, careers and families, and fun, I

 allow 1 

month for each section of the course to be completed from the point of me sending

 you your  1st

individual assignments to the  returning of your evaluated assignment to you.

 Of course, allowing yourself to complete each assignment withing the 1 week time frame 

is best because repetition is a great learning practice, but ~* Please ~ If you need the full

 month for personal 

reasons, please DO take the time that you need to keep your lifes priorities in order and

 cause yourself no strife. 

I offer this beginners course for $30.  

This price covers the personalized course assignments sent to you online and also my

 availability to you~   each and every evening for tutoring and to answering any

 questions and help with any challenges that you may discover through the course


**The course supplies listed above are NOT included in the course fee and are solely each

 individuals responsibility.

*All courses are of open enrollment any time of year unless otherwise specified. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. 

I am here for you!

Blessings ~ Cynthia