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Psychic Protection and Spiritual Development

Greetings Everyone !


Welcome to

Developing  Psychic  Abilities 


 Spiritual  Protection.


Here you will learn some very basic and wonderful 

techniques for beginning to develop your psychic abilities


and spiritual protection.

If you have ANY questions as you venture on your 


please feel free to contact me anytime.

It is best if


we start at the beginning and work our way up to greater


experiences of cleansing, protection, and development!

Let us begin:

~Energy Breathing~

Close your eyes and take 6-10 

slow deep breaths in your nose 

and out your 

mouth.   As you inhale, 


that you are inhaling ' + ' signs of positive 

energy and as you exhale, imagine 

that you are 

exhaling ' - ' signs of negative 

energy.  As you inhale the ' + ' signs, see them entering 

into your lungs and 

filling them up completely.  As your lungs fill, see the ' + ' 

signs entering into 

your blood stream through the oxygen in your lungs. 


See them traveling in your blood stream to all the parts


of your body~ 

your organs ( your liver, kidneys, heart, brain, etc.)


then continuing their way into your muscles, tendons, 

bones, skin, hair, absolutely 

every part of your body.   Continue this until you are so 

full of the positive ' + ' signs that they begin to seep out 

of the pores of your 


Enjoy this cleansing experience.

~The White light~

The White Light is a cleansing 

and protection exercise that is a 

perfect second step/stage in this 


Begin by closing your eyes and imagine the 


YOU CAN IMAGINE shinning down on you from 

above!   This White Light is representative of the pure 

unconditional love of ' God' ,' Goddess' ,'Creator 


**Whatever your 'source is'.

Imagine it shining down on you from above and 

covering you completely and in a 2 foot diameter circle 

around you, over you and under you.

Let it saturate you.

Enjoy this cleansing and protection.


~Grounding with the White Light~

When you have the #1 technique down, follow up with

 this one.

Begin again by closing your eyes.  Imagine the same

 bright shimmering White Light Shining down on you 

from above and this time imagine it spinning gently in

 a 'clockwise motion'.  Let this spiral enter into the top of

 your head and as it enters, allow it to fill you up on the

 inside by expanding like a fog inside your body.

  Continue this until you are completely full in your 

head, torso, legs and feet and when you are full, allow it

 to continue out the bottom of your feet and see it 

entering into the earth and continuing into the center of 

the earth.  Allow yourself to enjoy this releasing of 

energy to the earth and enjoy this new cleansing.


~Purging with the White Light~

This technique is for purging out energy within you. It

 takes focused intention that ' can not be denied'.

For this exercise, see the same White Light, as bright as

 you can stand it, as a tiny little pin prick in the very 

center of your being, under your rib cage and where 

your diaphragm is.   When you see it very vivid and

 clearly, allow it to grow slowly bigger and bigger and

 bigger. Allow it to grow and push out any and all 

things within you that you do not desire to have there


any longer such as fear, pain disillusionment that you 

wish to release, even illness.  See the White Light 

'PUSHING' everything that is ' - ' negative out of your

 body and energy field.  Allow the White Light to 

continue to grow until it is a perfect circle around you,

 this time from the inside out.  Enjoy!


~Healing with the White Light~**

This is very similar to that of purging.    See this light 

in all it's greatest glory, as bright as you can imagine

, imagine it wherever you are sick. Allow it to grow and

 saturate this area with it's vibration.  It may help you

 to say within yourself and/or to the illness, ' Be made

 well and pure' or whatever you wish to say that feels

 right and good to you.

**This is a very focused and strongly intention

 exercise that requires great sacrifice in attention and 

focus.   The white light will do it's work but remember ,

 it is the pure unconditional love of God, etc. that is 

working and there are some lessons to be learned 

through illness as well sometimes so please be open to 

understanding that sometimes, we just need to be sick.

  But this is a very useful tool when doing energy work



This is a cleansing a protection


Close your eyes and image on the top

 of your feet, a small violet colored



When you have it clear in your minds

 eye, allow it to grow bigger and bigger until it completely 

covers you.


Take your time and let it saturate you completely!

Enjoy this new found sense of great protection and purification.


~The Candles Flame~

*~~~~~~~~~~ All Truth Is Truth , 

but not all Truth is Your Truth ~~~~~~~~~~~*


*~~~~~~~~~~ With every experience

 and encounter that we have,

our truths change, day by day and

 minute by minute. 


Those  are very profound

 statements that has saved my soul

 and given me my sense


of purpose in this life.

This exercise is help you to experience and know peace that

 comes from releasing 

what is not yours and the sense of purposefulness that

 comes with that peace.

This exercise  has quite unique result with each individual

 because it in itself deals 

with  your individual 'truth',

The truth of yourself and the truth that others have placed

 upon you in word, intention 

or deed.

For example~ you know when you wake up from a dream

 that left you with a feeling 

that is disturbing to you and yet you can't shake it and

 know it is not a part of you but 

put ' on ' you? 


you are experiencing a heartache that is just bigger than

 you feel you can handle, *although we truly are not given

 more than we can handle 

by Spirit,  you would like some rest, separation and / or

 perspective to cope with it in your truth and not through


 fears in your emotions.

This exercise is specifically to do just that.   To separate

 you and your truth from the truth of what is outside of

 you, the truth that is another s 

and belongs to them but has either made a attachment to

 you because of fear, un-forgiveness toward yourself or


another, exposure, 


conditioning, negative thoughts or have just attached to


 for whatever reason. Even past and present life Karma can

 have a impact here.

For whatever reason you need to separate yourselves from 

what does not belong to you!

Let us begin

For this exercise you will need a candle. It can be any 

candle you wish but I prefer to use my favorite candle at


 time.**Be sure to have it in

 a safe heatproof dish and in a safe place where it will not

 be able to cause damage to anything.

To begin, lite your candle.  ( Energy breathing is good at

 this oint to help get focused and centered in your 

mind)Now , about 1 foot from the

 candle, gaze into the flame where the flame is transparent

 and meets the wick. As you gaze into the candles flame,

 imagine whatever you

 wish to 'release'. This can be a person, a thing, a dream, a

 feeling~ just put that feeling into a image that makes sense

 to you.

As the image comes clear to you and becomes clear in the


flame, allow your feelings and intentions that are


 to that subject to be 

with that image as well.  Place your feelings with it.  See

 them all there in the flame together.  Now here is the


tricky part.   'Leave them in the

 flame and pull yourself back and away.'    This may take

 some practice and if you need to say to it out loud to ' stay

 in the flame, then by all 

means do so.

Allow the flame to purify what you have released .  Allow it

 to bring the situation, person, feeling, etc. to truth.


You may see the candles flame change as you do this

 because you ARE placing energy in it. 


You many see it transform before your eyes.

You may feel released and more of yourself is with you

, returned to you because through this you have not only

 taken back your power and 

truth for yourself in your life, but you have released them


 well and they will experience a freeing blessing too!

**This is a realy great one to do for past and present

 relationships, no matter how far back they go, as

 well as illness. But ONLY if you wish to

 seek the real truth that is there to be found!

If you have ANY questions or concerns, please let me know



 Enjoy your new found freedom in truth.


~ Chakra Cleansing ~

First you may be asking yourself, 

 'What are Chakras anyway'?

Chakras are energy centers in the

 body.   To research chakras, you

 will find that all living things  and

 beings have chakras. 

but for the sake of this teaching, we

 will focus on the 7 main chakras of

 the human body.

Well, let's make that 10!

The photo above shows 7 main Chakras in a vertical line

 through the center of the body.  

 ( It also shows 2 energy points in the hands where energy

 is received and focused outward but we will not be focusing

 on these here today.)

So let us begin with taking in a deep breathe and 

imagining breathing in the color red of your base

chakra.  Breathe in red and exhale regular air.

Continue to breathe in the color red until you feel as though

nothing is happening and no more color is being 

absorbed.  Now continue the same process as above with

each color taking

 it's turn and breathe in the color orange, then yellow,

green, pink, soft blue, indigo blue and lastly for now 


Feel the filling of each color in your body and the if you are

 able, allow yourself to feel the balanced emotions and

 feelings in all areas of your being.

Enjoy this wholeness and bask in it for as long as you can. 

Below is a very basic

 explanation of 

the 7 main Chakras and

 their attributes.


<  Violet

<<  Indigo Blue

<<<  Blue

<<<<  Green  <<Pink  Chakra~ 

is smallwer than the main green 

heart Chakra and just to the left of 

the center more closely over the


<<<<<  Yellow

<<<<<<  Orange

<<<<<<<  Red

***>>>>>Star chakra >>>

The chakra color for the soul star chakra is white... and it 

is also associated with the white ray. White light may be

 generated from this chakra... the clear, luminous light


which brings spiritual cleansing and healing.

The eighth chakra is commonly called the soul star chakra or

 seat of the soul. It is located above the top of the head... above

 the crown Chakra

This chakra is situated above the highest point of the physical

 body... and is approximately a hand width above the head... or

 around six inches, and up to two feet in some people.

It is the first trans-personal chakra. Although there is a 


 between it and the crown chakra, commonly called the Stellar

 Gateway, this is the next chakra above the crown chakra in the

 etheric body.

It is sometimes called the seat of the soul, as it is the point where

 spiritual energy... and Divine love, enters the body.

>>>>The earth chakra>>> is located approximately 12 to 18 


 below the soles of the feet. Often called the earth star chakra, it

 is not within the actual physical body but is part of the etheric



This chakra aligns you with the magnetic core of the earth, and

 connects you with Mother Gaia. This chakras meaning is all

 about the idea of 'grounding', especially in a metaphysical way.

The chakra color for the earth star chakra is traditionally black

 and dark brown, but there are other stones that are helpful for

 or all of the chakras, including this chakra.

All black and brown stones will aid you, but some stones seem 



be more popular.

The energy of stones of these darker colors, such as black or

 blackish brown earth tones, such as black tourmaline and

 smokey quartz protection stones.***

~~ To be continued~~~

((((***Credit to

~Chord cutting~

 A VERY important part of taking 

back ones power and energy.

Many 'energies' attach themselves 

to us in our every day lives starting

 from when we were very young



To sum it up, we have things

 attaching to us everyday in one form or another.


When we have attachments, we have a 'energy source' that

 is taking from us what is ours. our energy. no matter how 

subtle or large, it is a intrusion to your privacy and a

 disrespect of what belongs solely to us.

The effects can be lethargy, anger, bad dreams, disrupted 

dreams and goals and more. Because there is something in

 the way. 

Let's get that ' something' out of the way now.

Here's how~

Imagine you are holding a bright shimmering sword of

 white light in your hand.  Lift the sword above you and 

slowly lower it in front or beside you and/or behind you 

while saying 

"I sever any and all ties that are connected to me in any 

way that are not of my highest best interest. I return to

 them what is theirs and I take back to me what is mine. I 

now fill the void left behind with the brightest shimmering

 white light that I can imagine. 

It is done"

Do this whenever you feel like you have a drain on you in a

 certain place you are visiting or when you are around 

people that you feel are draining. 

Quietly to yourself, of course. We do not want to offend. 

Feel the clarity, freedom and lightness of this un-tie-ing. 


*Disclaimer~  Any and all 

psychic/medium/spirit readings, 

exercises, metaphysical 

items, energy charged items 

whether ritually charged or 


haunted, found on the pages of 

my site are

 in no way a substitute for professional medical or


psychological help.

Please~ always seek the advice and attention of 

medical and /or psychological professionals whenever 


Love yourself by honoring yourself!

You deserve Joy !

Thank you


(((Bright Blessings to you and yours.)))

© 2006 All Rights Reserved.Cynthia's Magickal