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                           ~gifts for the soul~

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~ Runes ~

Witches' Wooden Rune Set ! !

Each set Carved from various woods

Featuring 8 Witches' Runes Symbols Burned into 

each Rune.

Pamphlet included.


Water Buffalo Bone Runes ~

Set of 24 Elder Futhark + 1 blank.

Comes with pouch.


Black Onyx  ElderFuthark Runes !

Set of 24 + 1 Bank


Dyed Blue Onyx w/ Gold Enamel Elder Futhark Rune Set ! 

24 + 1 Blank 


The 7 Chakra Elder Futhark Runes set! 

Set of 24  + 1 Blank


Polished Amethyst Elder Futhark Rune Set 


White Resin Elder Futhark Rune Set!

With Velveteen Bag.


Willow Rune Set  !  


Wood Elder Furthark Lo Scarabeo Rune Set ! 


Amethyst Rune Set by Lo Scarabeo


Bloodstone Rune Set by Lo Scarabeo


Golden Quartz Rune Set by Lo Scarabeo



Hematite Rune set by Lo Scarabeo


 Rainbow Rune set by Lo Scarabeo


~ Tarot ~

Easy Tarot Deck & Book by Ellershaw & Marchetti


The how to and history of Dowsing by Cassandra 



The Great Pendulum Book by Petra Sonnenburg ~ 

The ultimate handbook with several charts to guide 

you using the pendulum for improved health, 

happiness and success.


Multi Synthetic Stone Chakra Wand Pendulum 

Capped on

 both ends With Crystal Quartz 

Ball and point in pewter.  3" x 1/2"


Various Chambered Pendulums ~

A highly polished and smooth sided stone or crystal 

pendulum is topped with a silver chamber for holding

 a small amount of oil, herb or ash, or whatever you

 wish, to enhance your divination.

Randomly selected from available stock. 


6 Sided Amethyst Pendulum.   1 1/2" x 5/8" 

Each natural amethyst stone will be unique in these

 beautiful 6 sided polished amethyst pendulums with 

 bead on end of chain. 


Brass Pendulum ~

Solid Brass Pendulum  of various styles chosen 

randomly from available stock.

Sizes between 1" x 1/2" to 1 1/2" x 3/4"


Multiple Agate Chakra Pendulum ~6 sided and color

 enhanced stones to help in color focus.


A Personal Favorite!!!

Selenite Chakra Pendulum ~ Bring the very 

high energy

 clearing vibration of selenite to your pendulum

 dowsing !


Truth Fairy Pendulum and Message board by Amy 

Zerner and Monte F ~

An enchanting pendulum kit with a Super 

fun chambered pendulum and 12 magickal  message

 boards, a full color guidebook, 12 fairy 

enchantments, and CD music from the Nature of 



Amethyst Chambered Pendulum ~ For oil, earth, ash

 or herb or whatever you wish for your divination 



Chambered Clear Quartz Pendulum for oil, earth, 

herb or anything you wish to enhance your dowsing

 experience !


Clear Quartz Chakra Pentagram Pendulum ~

Faceted Clear Quartz Pendulum inscribed with a 

pentagram and adorned with stones for the 7 


Styles vary according to availability.


Werewolves and Zombies and Vampires......OH MY! 

And so much more in this Day of the Dead Oracle 


36 Cards and 80 page book.


Halloween Tarot