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Vitajuwel Moss 

AgateBottle. Use the 

energy of Moss Agates in 

your water/tea/ ect. to 

bring mindfullness to you !



Vitajuwel Wellness Bottle! 

With Rose Quartz and Amethyst 

vitalizing your water with 

tranquility of balance and 

unconditional love and acceptance of

 self and all things, you can't go 



Vitajuwel Fitness Bottle! 

With  (red jasper for 

grounding & energizing, 

 magnesite for the fruition

of thoughts and motivation

 and  clear quartz for 

creating any intention you 


You have all you need 


GO FOR IT!   $110

Vitajuwel 5-elements 


(amethyst – chalcedony – 

petrified wood – rose 

quartz – ocean 

chalcedony  One Gem

 for each element ~ Wood

 for growth, water for

 reflection, earth for 

grounding, metal for 

strength and fire for


Experience the balance with ancient wisdom.


Vitajuwel  Balance 


With Sodalite for 

efficiency and lightness of

 heart, and Clear Quartz 

to support any intention! 

Be ready to seriously get 

things done!

 You got this!


Vitajuwel Love Bottle! 

Oh My!

With Rose Quartz for 

limitless love, you can't

 afford not to because we

 can all use more Love.



Vitality Bottle ! 

With the precious 

Emerald for royal truth 

about ourselves and the 

ambitious belief in 

attaining it, And Clear 

Quartz to support 

any endeavor you point 

yourself to! 

Everyone else ~ should just stand back! 


Vitajuwel Momentum 


The greatest momentum

 comes with clarity of your

 being. Chalcedony brings

 balance of body, mind,

 emotions and spirit. Moss

 Agate, for for the 

mindfulness and 

consideration of what is 

in your best interest now! 

And with 

Milk Opal to help you realize YOUR FULL POTENTIAL!


Vitjuwel Beauty Bottle!

Beauty is truly more than

 skin deep. And with the 

water you are drinking

 filled with the balance 

support of Amethyst, the

 Unconditional love of self

 from Rose Quartz, and

 the 'wash of love' 

that comes with 


 your beauty ABOUNDS!


Vitajuwel Diamonds 

Bottle !

Called the 

“King of gems,”

 and the 

“Stone of Invincibility,” 

bringing victory, superior

 strength, fortitude and

 courage, fearlessness, 

protection to the HOLDER

 (YOU!) It is a symbol of

 wealth, abundance in 

one’s life, an amplifier of energies, goals and intent !

You are divinely and wonderfully made! 

You are supported in all that you do! 




Vitajuwel Inner Purity 


Aquamarine is a 

amazing stone for 

communication with self 

and others as well as 

extra terrestrial beings !

 ( Believe it!) 

And combined with Clear

 Quartz to support and 

enhance your desires for 

truth and purity, Ya!


Vitajuwel Focus Bottle! 

World shaking business 

deals to close? 


With many wonderful

 crystal gemstones to 

support your every 


Red Jasper for grounding

 out distractions, Sodalite

 for rational process for 

logical conclusions, 

Orange Calcite for 

memory and multi 

tasking and to clean your 'gut feeling' chakras , agate for 

tuning into deep wisdom, and aventurine to enhance 

creativity and block 'energy drainers'. 


Vitjuwel Sunny Morning


Orange Calcite combined 

with Clear Quartz is like

 sunshine all over! 

 Orange Calcite Cleans

 your chakras while 

energizing you with joy. 

And clear Quartz is of 

course by it's side to 

support your choice to



Vitajuwel Allure Bottle!

Clear Quartz for 

amplifying your desires. 

Garnet is here to incite 

personal magnetism by 

enhancing ones interna



( Garnet is also known as

 the 'Stone of Health" and 

Clear Quartz as the

 " Master Healer' ! )

A excellent gift for the healing process! 


Vitajuwel Inspiration 


Lapis Lazuli has been

 long found with royalty 

throughout time. As a 

incredibly noble stone, 

Lapis Lazuli brings 

unification of all Chakras

for the perfection within.

 It is a stone of 'Total 

Awareness' and helps to

 alleviate depression!   Rutilated Quartz magnifies and 

enhances energy set into motion within you!  



Vitajuwel Passion Bottle!


energy banishes sorrow,

  stimulates initiative and 

dispels passivity Halite 

Salt is excellent for

 enhances good will,

 elevates ones mood and

 incites initiative. 



Vitajuwel Vision Bottle!

Shungite ~ 

" The Stone of Life" ,

 is a ancient healing 

stone! It works with the 

base and earth star 

chakras! Hence it's 

grounding calming 

attributes. It brings light 

into the auric field, 

rejecting negative 

energy, helps to shield from EMF ~ ALL allowing for clear

 thought and open vision and sight!

The partnership with Clear

Quartz, to support and magnify intention of will, desire, 

thought and purpose.....YES!


Vitajuwel Golden 

Moments Bottle!

Rhinegold~ hand-mined

 gold from the river Rhine

 in Germany brings

 harmony, protection and

 royal energy! Exotic 

Halite Salt (the “Salt of 

Kings”) adds a sense of 

blissfulness to the moment and a piece of fiery, blazing 

Garnet, combines it's balancing and stimulating of the 

chakras, from base to crown, for free flow of kundalini 

movement. The ultimate in continual harmony

GranFontana Set - 


(incl. extra large gem 

wand with amethyst -

 rose quartz - clear 

quartz, 1-gallon-decanter,

 lid, stand)

Create your own spa oasis

 with our GranFontana

 gemwater dispenser! SPA

 stands for Sanus Per 

Aquam, meaning "Health

 through water". Unlike

 any other water 

dispenser, our 

GranFontana is an exclusive symbol for that phrase. Guests

 in thousands of luxury hotels, spas, salons restaurants,

 offices and galleries are helping themselves with gemwater

 at the GranFontana fountain in a classy way. With its 5-lt.

 (1.3 gl.) - capacity and the stainless steel faucet, the 

GranFontana is also suited brilliantly to draft gemwater for

 the whole family at home .


GranFontana Set - Fitness

(incl. extra large gem 

wand with red jasper - 

magnesite - clear quartz,

 1-gallon-decanter, lid, 


Create your own spa oasis

 with our GranFontana

 gemwater dispenser! SPA

 stands for Sanus Per

 Aquam, meaning "Health

 through water". Unlike

 any other water

 dispenser, our 

GranFontana is an

 exclusive symbol for that phrase. Guests in thousands of 

luxury hotels, spas, salons restaurants, offices and galleries

 are helping themselves with gemwater at the GranFontana 

fountain in a classy way. With its 5-lt. (1.3 gl.) - capacity 

and the stainless steel faucet, the GranFontana is also suited

 brilliantly to draft gemwater for the whole family at home .


*Glasses sold seperately

GranFontana Set - Sunny


(incl. extra large gem 

wand with orange calcite

 - clear quartz, 1-gallon-

decanter, lid, stand)

Create your own spa oasis

 with our GranFontana 

gemwater dispenser! SPA

 stands for Sanus Per 

Aquam, meaning "Health

 through water". Unlike

 any other water

 dispenser, our 

GranFontana is an 

exclusive symbol for that phrase. Guests in thousands of 

luxury hotels, spas, salons restaurants, offices and galleries

 are helping themselves with gemwater at the GranFontana

 fountain in a classy way. With its 5-lt. (1.3 gl.) - capacity

 and the stainless steel faucet, the GranFontana is also suited

 brilliantly to draft gemwater for the whole family at home .


*Glasses sold seperately

Drinking glass set (6 pcs.)

Our blossom-shaped 

VitaJuwel glasses are an

 excellent accessory to

 complement your 

VitaJuwel gemstone 

wand and decanter. Their sophisticated design with its 

sandblasted VitaJuwel lily logo on the bottom ensures a 

symphonious drinking experience. Each glass holds 6.7 oz. 

and is dishwasher safe.


Display for 3 VitaJuwel

 gemstone wands

Don't leave your collection

 of VitaJuwel gemstone 

wands in the box. They 

love to be out in the sun 

and be adored by your 

guests. This glass display

 is the perfect way to

 showcase your precious 



*VitaJuwel gemstone wands are sold separately

Wine decanter

In order to celebrate a 

great wine properly, we 

created a uniquely 

shaped wine decanter. 

Handcrafted in Europe, it 

is an exquisite masterpiece. Fill it with a bottle of wine, place

 the VitaJuwel Vino inside, wait for 7 minutes and pour 

yourself and your friends a glass. You‘ll be amazed!


*Crystal Wand sold seperately

VitaJuwel Droplet - 


Your personal gemstone vial

 with quartz granules, a fiery

 garnet and an exquisite 

amethyst is perfect to vitalize

 a glass of water or wine on 

very special occasions while 

in a restaurant, a café or at a

 friend‘s home. Its elegant

 design makes it a unique 


To get the full VitaJuwel 

experience, place your 

Phiolino in a glass of water 

or wine for 7-10 minutes and


To ensure that gemwater 

lovers carry their Phiolino

 safe and secure in their bag,

 it can be stored in an 

exquisite leatherette case, 

also available by VitaJuwel.


Case for VitaJuwel 


for you VitaJuwel 


To ensure that the 

VitaJuwel Phiolino is

 always available to real

 gemstone water lovers, it

 can be stored in an exquisite leather case. In this way, 

secured in a briefcase or purse, it is available at any time 

wherever you might be.


Dispenser grande

(incl.-2 gal.-decanter, lid,

 stand; excl. vial)

Works with all of the 18

 available blends!

( listed below )

Start thinking about 

water in a new

 dimension. Where 

elegance meets 

functionality. Where 

drafting a glass of water 

from a fountain is more 

than just stilling your 

thirst. Where pure water

 like fresh from the spring

 comes in a beautiful vessel with a seemingly free-floating 

vial full of precious gems. This is where VitaJuwel grande is 

born from perfection. A gemwater fountain like no other. 

Designed in the German alps, VitaJuwel grande stands for 

puristic clarity.

Imagine VitaJuwel grande in a down

town boutique, a trendy gallery, a cosmopolitan coffee shop,

 a cozy home, a tranquil spa, a holistic doctor’s office, an 

upbeat club, a bright and modern jewelry store. VitaJuwel 

grande is the state-of-the-art solution for all environments to

 serve more than just a few cups of water to guests or thirsty

 family members. It holds 2 gallons of gemwater and works

 with all of the 18 available blends of the regular-

sized VitaJuwel Gemstone Vials.

VitaJuwel Gemstone Vials.

VitaJuwel grande has an extra-large top opening to make 

cleaning as easy as 1-2-3- The stainless steel faucet is

 absolutely leakproof due to its Teflon seal. As the diameter is

 just 20 cm, it fits right in every apartment kitchen 

or water bar.

VitaJuwel grande comes in a set that includes the decanter

 (plus lid and faucet) and the glass stand. A large 

variety of Gemstone vials is available separately.

Welcome to a new dimension of gemwater, made by 


Included in delivery:

glass dispenser grande with lid, faucet and glass stand.


Total height: 67 cm. (including vial 71 cm.)

Diameter: 20 cm.

Please be aware that the gemstone wand is sold separately 

and is not part of this package.


W - A - N - D - S !

Wellness Wand of Amethyst,

 Rose Quartz and Clear